Tributes to and Memories of Ex-Risinghill Teachers

During the period of the school (1960 - 1965),over 150 Teachers, assistants or helpers taught or worked at the school. Unfortunately since we began our research in 2005, we have only been able to contact a few of them directly. Those we have contacted have contributed their memories or thoughts of the time, which we have included in the research findings.
There are still more to find and we would love to hear from anybody , family, friends or pupils who have stories to tell or want to commemorate an ex-teacher in some way.

To find out what we know about any particular Teacher, have a look at the Teachers List. Here we created a list containing the teacher's name and the department they worked in. Plus a brief note on other information we have , and then if we have manged to put together a profile or tribute to the Teacher there will be a link to take you to that information.
To date ,we have only put a few teachers on the list, but we will be adding or updating it as soon as we can.

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