Risinghill: The Death of a Comprehensive School

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© Leila Berg.
Risinghill cover:
Design by Philip Meheux
and Malcom Johnson.

The Book

This is the story of Risinghill School and its demise, often told in the words of the pupils, parents, its courageous headmaster Michael Duane and its eventual closure. It is a passionate indictment of education bureaucracy and bureacucrats, of intolerance and stupidity. It is a story in which the word ‘ love’ occurs again  and again, in neither a sentimental nor a titillating way, but as a key word in a basic conflict about the state education of children. It is a sad story, written in anger  and without fear

Lelia Berg- The Author

Lelia Berg, born in salford, has written many children’s books for various ages which read in many countries. she has been children’s books editor,  children’s  books reviewer, and given talks to children, parents, teachers, and children’s librarians.

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